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portulaca grandiflora in macro shot

– From the start of my photography journey i tried to capture the personality of a flower, show as much detail as i can and create a “portrait” of it.

Macro photography and me

Photography for me is a way to capture and show what otherwise can not be seen, the smallest details of flora or an everyday object.

My camera is always with me, most of what i capture come from the world that is around me, my everyday life, places that i visit while i live my ordinary life.

Flora is my main interest, the beauty and diversity of flowers and plants is vast, i feel that i could capture flowers for years and not cover a fraction of this world, like the starry sky.


Flowers & flora

The world of flora is vast, i think of it as a never-ending starry sky that i try to explore but will never get the whole thing, i can only experience a fraction of it but i try to capture as much as i can.

Most of the time i capture flowers, i started with the most elegant shots i could make and create classic compositions (like in still life photography), with time i shoot less and less close-ups and try to get deeper into macro and super macro photography, to create something that i did not see before and show a different and original view of a flower or a plant.

I do not travel to special locations usually, almost all of my captures are from day to day life and the surroundings around me. I see a lot of flowers and interesting plants around me usually, all i need is some time to see and experience it.


Agapanthus in macro shot

There is a lot of beauty around us in our day to day life, i try to see and show it thorough macro photography

Macro equipment

My camera is always with me, i use sony a7 r4 mirrorless camera and a laowa 100mm lens most of the time, i know that is a big camera setup for everyday use but i guess i got used to it in my side bag, it sits quite well in my maxpedition side bag.

Aside from my camera i do not really carry anything else, almost all of my shots are made under natural conditions, natural light and composition, it is easier that way, to shoot what is there without intervention, feels more natural that way.

Most of my editing process is made in lightroom, corrections and sometimes color grading for that magical look, i also use focus stacking technique to get the the shot detailed and the beautiful bokeh. I do not use photoshop as much, maybe to get some dirt off the flower or the occasional dust on the lens.

a lens with a visible diaphragm

In conclusion

All in all photography for me is an art, a way to see the world around me and more important to show others the special things i see, my camera is always with me and i am always looking for an interesting view. 

sergey hmelevsky and aurora on a photography trip

Sergey & Aurora

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