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Capturing the beauty of the Amaryllis flower

Capturing flowers is my main reason for carrying a camera in the backpack, nature photography is something i do almost everywhere i go. Some flowers are very hard to capture and make them beautiful, some are easy, but the Amaryllis flower is different, i think that it is the easiest and the most beautiful flower to capture, in close-up frame or in macro, going deeper into it i can find really beautiful compositions and captivating detail. lets go on a visual journey with the Amaryllis.

Beginning with the close-up view

I seldom use this kind of view due to my extreme interest for detail and macro, but sometimes i feel the need for close-up photography. I use it when i need to present the flower as a whole, a portrait so to speak. I think that artistically speaking this view gives me less room for creativity. In the close-up shot i can show all the parts of the Amaryllis in it`s bloom. A blooming flower, another one that is not yet opened, a bud with some leaves, maybe a nice background. A classical shot.

Going deeper through the macro lens.

Thanks to my macro lens i can show you more of this beautiful flower, usually focusing on the stamen i can capture the small details, the shape of the pollen, and the texture of the petals. Definitely this kind of frame is my favorite. 

A few less ordinary shots

Sometimes i see something out of the ordinary, and it has to be captured in a less ordinary manner, here are some of my experimental pictures…

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